The usual story:

  • Financially free
  • Entrepreneur,
  • Six digits.
  • Successful business,

These are all phrases we all hear all too often. but is this really what starting, scaling and running a business is about?

Promises are easy to make but delivering on them is much more difficult in reality.

Kevix Felin takes you beyond the sound bites and impossible promises giving you honest and realistic advice, coaching and mentorship to help you achieve realistic business goals.

What is your aim?

According to Credit Suisse there are 42.2 million, millionaires in the world  6% of which are from the UK. Do you want to be one? Check the following first!

In an earlier report, Credit Suisse also suggested that there were 2.3 million millionaires added every year. Wow!

Most importantly it takes the average millionaire 32 years to hit the 1 million pound mark so let us quickly and definitively dispel the myths.

The Impossible

Get rich quick, Hit 6 figures in 6 weeks, Build an empire without doing any work. I hope you are paying attention hereComplete and utter Bullshit.

This simply does not happen and we challenge you to provide us with anyone can prove otherwise.

So what is possible?

What you can do, is start a business so that you can;

  • Work in the field that you love
  • Have more control over your working day
  • Get to control your works focus and culture of your working life
  • Systemise so that you can focus on the things that you enjoy giving you more happiness and peace of mind
  • Build a business that is financially stable and growing
  • Invest sensibly and securely to grow your Wealth

Yes, you can leave the job you hate, sack your boss, start a business, work your ass off until you become successful and financially free so that when you hit the one million mark, this milestone will be a by product or a spinoff of your already happy and contented lifestyle.

Wouldn’t that be better? Growing, achieving success and enjoying the whole journey until that point.

What’s better than being a Millionaire?

Most people associate being an entrepreneur or a millionaire with being financially free but in reality, most people need much less than a million pounds in cash or assets to achieve financial freedom.

So setting up a business with this, as opposed to hitting 6 figures as the main focus can reduce the time you need to achieve your goals by less than a third.

Make no mistake

Although these buzz words are used all too often to sell results based in fantasy rather than practicality, with only 1% of the planet defined as millionaires there is no shortage of space in the millionaire world.

Similarly there is no over saturation in the group of people defined as financially free.

As money becomes more and more electronic there is definitely no shortage of money.

What does exist is a shortage of shortage of belief in your skillset, shortage of belief in yourself, shortage of honest, no bullshit trainers, coaches and mentors with a proven track record to help you and guide you to your eventual goals.

If your aim is to reach the highest levels, what you are looking for is;

  • Experience
  • Knowledge and skill.
  • Practical advice
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Hand holding
  • Step by step demonstrations and instructions
  • A community of like minded people aiming for a similar goal
  • Practical help in mindset to help you overcome the obstacles you will encounter whilst getting there.

Whichever of the buzzwords you have as your aim, providing the knowledge, experience and practical step by step tuition you need is our mission.

Our process

We meet you where you are, whether it be;

And to help you with the Mindset, Processes, Problem solving, strategies, personal development, mentorship and coaching to get you there.


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Felix Joseph is not just a business specialist; he is and always has been passionate about business. Graduating from Brunel University London with an Economics degree, he went on to enjoy over 20 years in businesses as varied as Record labels, Events and promotions companies, IT contracting, Technology start-ups and Property Investment.

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