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How can we help you be more successful in business?

Business Essentials

Your business 101 course.

If you are starting a business or you feel that your business has stalled for some time and needs a consultancy this is the service for you.

Business essentials, is an overview of all of these central aspects of what it takes to run a business, the Technological Age.

Business Essentials goes through everything you need to plan, start, set up and run a business.

An overview, to make sure that all essential aspects are covered and nothing central to getting a business up, running, working efficiently and most importantly making money is ignored.

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Business systems

What is a business system and why are they important?

They say behind every great man is a great woman and definitely behind every great business is a great business system.

Great businesses are not only run by great visionaries, great employees, technical skill, hard work and ethics. They are usually unnoticeably, but most importantly bound by great systems,

The greatest businesses from an operational perspective that you encounter every single day (Such as McDonalds or Amazon) are primarily successful business systems. Systemization means duplication, which means scalability of the best aspects of the business whilst eroding the worst.

We teach systemization, outsourcing and scaling, to make sure your business is at its most efficient version of itself and therefore can be scaled and grow. This will in turn make you more money as you will be more effective at delivering to your customers.

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Business Marketing

Marketing is possibly the most difficult aspect of business, how does anyone know you exist without marketing?

Marketing is about getting into the public domain, but how? Word of mouth? Testimonials? Endorsements? Social media? Events?

The central point being, if nobody knows that you’re there, no one can appreciate you, no one can see the value of your products and services therefore no one can buy them or spend money with you.

Underestimating the importance of marketing is the biggest mistake in business.

Marketing is often seen as the last thing, an afterthought, an aspect to be added once all the real work of setting up the business has been completed

This thinking will be detrimental to your business success, we will show you why and how to add marketing to your priorities.

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The Business of Sales

It’s a very unfortunate fact that most people, particularly people starting in business associate sales as dirty work.

We’re here to get that out of your mentality and change your belief system.

Because if you believe that ‘sales’ is a dirty word, then you really have no business selling. And if you are not selling, then your business is not going to make any money.

We help to overcome your sales aversion and get you up to speed on the latest tactics and approaches to get you selling successfully

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Mentoring the Kevix training academy way – we will be doing mentoring on two levels, firstly the model most commonly used within the business community which is the use of someone with greater experience than yourself to guide you step by step and setting you tasks to meet as you go. This will create a logical and systematic approach to growing your business, but remember Kevix training also has the personal development side.

As such our bespoke personal development mentoring model is an option which can be used in conjunction with or as an alternative to the standard mentoring model. This model is focused on removing personal blockers that are getting in the way of your development.

This is achieved by joint goal setting with the mentor, the mentor will help put a framework to the goal and because it is a joint approach you will have ownership of it.

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Coaching is about giving you a greater range of techniques to set goals and really hone in on areas in your life that may need improving. It can also be a skills based learning, like a football coach giving skills and strategy.

Our NLP based business coaching can do exactly the same and drive you towards the success you crave.

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Business Mastermind Retreats

Super charge you business strategies by taking an overseas business retreat

All uber successful business owners engage in some sort business retreat and many engage in multiple. Well we offer just such a retreat.

Why a business retreat?

They say that a change is as good as a rest.

Well in your business, being away from the day to day running, workload and fire fighting is essential if you want it to grow.

You will spend quality time away with like minded people as well as the teachers, trainers, coaches and mentors.

Take a step back from the day to day minutiae of your business and see the problems, bottlenecks, blockages, missed opportunities and areas for improvement.

Set on the sunny relaxing Spanish mainland (the Costa del sol close to Marbella), you will have plenty to time to disengage from the daily grind, network with and learn from others alumni, plan, strategies, focus and repoint your vision all whilst learning new topics and re acquainting yourself with existing ideas which will supercharge the growth of your business.

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